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Do you have any questions?See here you will find answer what you need.

1.Question:Whether are the product on your website different with physical product?

   Answer:Our product pictures on our website are the same with physical products,they are by digital camera(if there are different physical products,and the effect is better than the photo)

2.Question:Why are your goods price so cheap,and the quality is guaranteed?

   Answer:Our products by our own design,excellent manufacture and the goods without any distributors and wholesalers,in order to let you get the most preferential price.We will keep the profits to customer,so our products price is more competitive than the market.What most important is that we can promise return or exchange the goods within 3 days after you have received.Even if there is quality problem,you can also get fully guaranteed.

3.Question:Whether my orders parcel will lost?

   Answer:We have file the bill after all of packages have sent,they can be inquired by the post office or courier company.In addition,we undertake all of the risk,even if lost,we will send it again for free.If it is not the same inventory goods,we can negotiate with you to change the goods or refund pavement.

4.Question:Whether you don't receive the goods when you have paid?

   Answer:No!We have file the bill into the database,you need to input your name to inquire.

5.Question:What do you do after you have paid?

   ANswer:After payment,please indicate your order number according to your payment way within one week.

6.Question:How to deal with out of stock?

   Answer:If they are out of stock,we will contact you as soon as possible.If the goods can arrive within seven days,we will advise you to wait.Or if we will recommend you to change the order with the other similar products or delete the item,and we will return the the coorrsponding price.

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