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Nice Agate Pendant,Banded Agate,Rhinestone,Cylinder Shape,17*60mm,More Color for Choice,Sold By PC

Item No : 1505CT9817*60
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Sort : Pendant
Material : Agate
Shape : Elongated
Color : Mixed
Size : 17*60mm
Weight : 50.0 g

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Chalcedony :

Help you know chalcedony

      Chalcedony is a kind of mineral, also known as "stone", chalcedony is actually a kind of quartz, with wax light. Chalcedony was formed under the condition of low temperature and low pressure, appear in the extruded hollow, hydrothermal veins, hot springs, sediment, clastic sediments and weathering crust. Chalcedony by people as a gem, mainly used for jewelry and crafts materials. Chalcedony and known agate is the same mineral. Have a banded structure of crystal quartz is agate, no article banded structure, color uniformity of crystal quartz is chalcedony. 


    Chalcedony because its color is rich texture clear, generally as a high-grade handicraft raw material, used for carving. Common also have as bracelet, necklace and hang a pendant with decorations. Gourmet ice kinds of chalcedony, however, especially the scarce varieties of colour and lustre is gorgeous , it is mainly used for high-end jewelry inlaid, and senior designer fashion buttons, highly fashionable personage, become subservient to the society.

The types of chalcedony

1) Topaz pulp, which is a kind of relatively rare chalcedony color, one of the most precious is the golden color transparent liquid gold bodhi. Golden lucky represents wealth, therefore more into business, white-collar workers, businessmen alike.


2) Carnelian

carnelian also is called Sadoine stone or mecca, English is also spelled "Carnelian", from the Tibetan plateau. English name is derived from the Latin "carne" (flesh), meaning the orange color. carnelian is translucent chalcedony, fine texture, crystal clear, pure color, hardness, tapping its clear and crisp, is a kind of low price of gems.

Carnelian is beneficial to human body go through scientific argumentation. The scientific research found that physical ruby marrow atomic arrangement combination structure and the vibration frequency magnetic field and the heart blood circulation can increase the human body, promote metabolism, activate cells, recuperate improvement.

3)Blue chalcedony

Blue chalcedony, are widely used as ornamental color gem, is said to be the highest quality of aquamarine marrow is found in the ancient greeks chalcedon, hence the name. In ancient Rome, stone of pulp is considered to be a rain, not aquamarine pulp in various ceremonies to worship heaven. And the ancients also believe that god protect plants on Diana like pulp the colored gems, can help avoid drought.

Blue chalcedony is representative of the moon, there is a close relationship with water, so it is said that can prevent drowning and accident, to avoid the witchcraft, go out to travel a lot in the outside, also is very good amulet, insurable peace and to avoid some of the negative energy, the role of the evil spirit has to ward off bad luck to a child, purple blue chalcedony corresponding wheel eyebrow, can increase the spirit and the ability to predict the future.

4)Blood chalcedony

Chalcedony is blood stone, is a legend with the bloody legend of the sacred stone of Christianity.

Blood chalcedony is dark green with a red spots in the stone, the red spots looked like blood in particular, so called "blood stone".

Since ancient times, people would think that green is the color of nature, with the power of heaven and earth, also thinks red is lucky color, able to dispel evil spirits and ghosts. So in ancient times, people think that wearing chalcedony can play a role to protect blood, and to bless the peace of the wearer, so blood chalcedony was considered to have absolute power gems. Legend, Jesus was crucified suffering, his blood dripping on the cross jade, the jade is blood chalcedony. 

Blood chalcedony is a powerful blood tonic effect, the ancient egyptians as chalcedony powder in the treatment of bleeding, blood is the blood of chalcedony powder mixed with honey used as blood tonic.Blood chalcedony contains a lot of iron, can really help the wearer added blood gas, can also be used as a talisman to carry, also for pregnant women to prevent miscarriage, so when choosing color gems accessories must fully understand the characteristics of it.

5) chrysoprase

Chrysoprase, relaxed in green with a little yellow, and often reminds people of "born in gold jewels."Special color and appearance like jade, get the favour of people.

In ancient Rome and the victorians, people often think that green chalcedony is the effect that has strong effect in the treatment of stone, is also has the very high popularity value of ornaments. Legend, the ancient Greek period of Alexander the great, fighting, swashbuckling, but one day a snake when Alexander was in the shower swept away his personal chrysoprase, lead to the military genius then defeat, died early. Every corner of the colored gems beautiful legend is full of people.

Chrysoprase vibrant green is a plant is able to see the green of hope, give a person pure and fresh and soft, smooth appearance is a powerful force.Wear green chalcedony can help stabilize the wearer's emotions, can also help relieve anxiety, anger, tension, can stimulate the wearer's potential, but also can enhance the wearer's liver detoxification function.

6) Black chalcedony

Black chalcedony , this is one of the most common chalcedony color, because of the formation temperature is relatively low, so the internal contains a lot of other minerals. Black chalcedony for iron, potassium, selenium compounds and therefore more color into violet black, deep black, and so on.

Maintenance method

Due to natural chalcedony have heat dissipation, easy to dehydrate, general often wear is not easy to water loss, need not often bubble water, but also will bring more and more ice thoroughly; But autumn winter season, the north weather is dry and less wear, it is best to bubble water 1-2 days on a regular basis (the cold water, the better the results), soon will restore the original luster and water embellish.