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Natural Amazonite Pendant,11*11mm Flat Round Stone,Micro Pave CZ Diamond,925 Sterling Silver,,Sold By PC

Item No : AP039
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Material : Amazonite
Color : Pale Blue
Size : 11mm
Weight : 3.0 g

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Amazonite :

      Help you understand the amazonite

      Amazonite, say again "amazon stone". Amazonite is blue-green microcline variant, blue and turquoise, translucent to transparent, similar to the jade. Amazonite for common mineral, is produced in the volcanic rock, it belongs to one of the feldspar minerals, for potassium aluminum silicate. Microcline color have white to yellow, red, with vitreous luster, more brittle. It has a green variant called amazonite. Microcline is a member of the mineral feldspar group. Sometimes referred to as a gem of the amazonite, microcline is a kind of green.

                               The name of the tianhe

Tianhe in the name of the Milky Way is a galaxy, Amazonite white delicate light spot, as well as the micro pearl silver phosphorescence as the Milky Way of stars, it is the name of the tianhe

Amazonite blue, green and pure and fresh temperament and pure and fresh and bright turquoise, between lake blue and green, the light simple and beautiful luster, beautiful dream wonderland

Amazonite spirituality

(1). The amazonite is confident of the gem, a disappointment in love, the examination , Business field , battle, people can communicate through and the energy of the amazonite, gain the confidence, courage, and lucky perfusion, help rekindle confidence, stage a comeback, to win! 

(2). According to the western myth, green and blue of the amazonite, with luck, speculation, head off a danger of energy; With the gem to play CARDS, easy to win money; To do business investment, easy success get rich; As a dangerous task, easier to get unexpected help, not jeopardized.

 (3). To help get rid of negative energy, not to harm to obsess, all things, to prevent people with abandon, self-injury, suicidal behavior; For all the worshippers of indecision, contribute to its resolve to improve purpose, achieve their goals.

(4). The amazonite carved "gold ingot", wear or by odd at home, with luck, fortune, noble, add the flavor of the speculation, to be able to "defeat", "comeback" confidence and courage!

The maintenance of the amazonite

1, Sun degaussing cleaning method. Cleaning method: as long as put on the spar can be the location of direct sunlight, such as window and balconies, etc.; Irradiation time is approximately 30 minutes to 1 hour.

 2, The moonlight stars radiation  method: lunar full moon of May 10, because the night is particularly strong light of the moon, it is high time to bask in the stone, stone drying method is very simple, as long as you put the spar in the balcony or window , accept the moonlight illuminate the night time.

 3, Sea salt immersion method. Cleaning method: put spar in a cup with a moderate amount of sea salt the brine (or salt) open well, three to four hours, can eliminate the magnetic field around the spar.